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Christmas Snow 2010

Christmas day ended at Grandma and Grandpa Mumaw’s place with good food and fun times and flurries on the way.  Well the flurries continued, and it snowed and snowed… Soon Grandma forgot we are originally from the north and know how to drive in the snow and sent us all home early before the roads got covered with snow.

Well it continued to snow through out the night and in the morning we woke up to find 6 to 7 inches of the fluffy white stuff.  The snow was thick on the branches and looked beautiful.  A combination of the opportunity to play inside with new toys and me forgetting to pull out the camera later on these are the only pictures I have of this wonderful snow storm.

For Amber, pictures wouldn’t do it justice.  She had a blast exploring the new cold whit fluffy stuff.  Sure we had a few dustings before, but this was different.  She would run and scurry, dig here snout in the snow and shake and snort.  It was fun.

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