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A Wild Experience

We try to squeeze in at least on visit to the NC Zoo a year.  Here are some pictures from our most recent visit.  The weather was just beautiful, but a bit too warm.  Every time we go it is just a bit different, different flowers in the planetarium (see previous post), or a new Bee exhibit or how close we are able to get to certain animals.

The helicopter near the elephant exhibit is always a fun time.  This time we saw a baby or small baboon that was fun to watch.  Oh, and this time Old Faithfull water spout was working.

Below is a video of the pictures.  Be sure to check out the button with 4 arrows pointing outward.  Click on this to vie the slide show full screen.  Also depending on your internet connection, you may want to change the quality of the video from 720p down to 360p or from 360p up to 720p.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

These pictures here are all about the flowers, also set to some music.

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