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Austin’s 8th birthday

Austin8 Letter-Austin turned 8 with excitement as usual.  He got some great build-em toys, Wii games and more.  Some highlight items include:


K'NEX building set
Lego – StarWars
Lego StarWars
Finished building already
Lego – StarWars
Lego StarWars
Wii – Arctic Tale
Wii Arctic Tale game
Wii – Crash of the Titans
Wii Crash of the Titans game
Wii - Crash of the Titans
Wii Crash of the Titans game
Erector Set
Erector building set


Gota love his expressions and faces… look forward to him being older and in plays and musicals.



Caitlin's 5th Birthday

DSC_8543 Letter-C aitlin, my little princess, is now 5 years old.DSC_1221  My how  time has flown by.  Caitlin is in kindergarten, learning to  read, math addition, playing soccer and attending daisy girl scouts.   She is growing so much, what happened to my little girl?


She was more then thrilled to get a Nintendo DS like her big brothers.  Caitlin also got things like jewelry making kit, necklace, DS game, Princess Pillow and a Miley Cyrus music CD.





Below is a slide show of pictures from her birthday celebration at home with family.




2008 - Cub Scouts Fall Camp Out

scout_tent Letter-P ack 17 Cubs and Webelos enjoyed beautiful weather for the Fall Camp Out at the Woodfield Scout Preservation.  Collin and Austin both experienced (again) shooting with a BB rifle at the shooting range.  During the fall camp out is usually a festival of sorts.   The kids get to play simple games and such and receive some sort of candy prize. 


2AA_cub_scouts_sitting_around_fire_hg_clrcub_scout_starting_campfireCollin also got to experiment and get good at starting a fire with Flint and Steel with cotton ball and redwood cedar bark scraps.









Spring vacation to VA - Part 4

On the next day we went to Colonial Williamsburg.  This is day 4 and the kids have had just about enough colonial history, so we decided to do the self guided tour of the downtown area for about half a day.  This time of year the place was quite empty and not many Colonial people walking about either.  We got to see the church, Governors house (from quite a distance), horse and buggy rides, The armory and a few downtown shops and Inns.  Of course we had to stop by the court house and lock up the kids.  The Colonial Williamsburg web site has a lot of great information and even a kids area.  I would have been good to have the kids explore the kids area before visiting there on vacation.


We spent the afternoon back at the resort, swimming, playing tennis and shooting pool.  Later we met some long time friends Lisa and Scott (and their 3 wonderful children) for dinner at a local Italian joint.  Our kids are about the same ages so they hit it off real well. 


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Spring vacation to VA - Part 3

On the next day we went to Yorktown Victory Center.  This was mostly about the war and battle at Yorktown.  Collin was chosen to participate in the firing of a cannon, not the big cannon, but the small mortar launcher thing.  Still, he was both thrilled and embarrassed to participate.  The boys loved to see the BIG long rifle and had a chance to hold it.  We learned about the cook, what he may have prepared and what he had to do to prepare food.  We met the doctor and his somewhat primitive tools, even the skull drill to relieve pressure from a persons injured head.


We got to explore some sleeping quarters, tried on all the clothes and gear a soldiers would wear.  The kids also learned of some punishments for those that did not follow the rules or laws.  The day also included a tour of a nearby farm house and farm, where we learned about farming, preparing meats and spices in the kitchen, and the hot and open sleeping quarters in the attic of the house.


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Spring vacation to VA - Part 2

On the next day we went to the Virginia Living Museum [ ].  This was a fun place.  There were animals to see inside and outside and the opportunity to learn is everywhere.  Outside there was a raised walking trail to see the animals in a natural setting.  Some of the animals they had outside were injured in the wild and nurtured to health in their facilities.

Inside there were places to learn and explore including different rocks and bones to identify, animals to identify by fur and small sea creatures to see and touch.  There were dinosaurs and ducks, sharks and stingrays.  There were tortoises and sea turtles.  And there was a child play/explore/learn area.  It was a great day and we highly recommend it.

Below are just a few pictures from the collection of 230 we took this day.