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Pocono Plateau Summer Camp


We finally did it.  For several years after getting married, we thought when we had kids we would bring them back to Pocono Plateau for summer camp, back to where we met.  The Plateau has always meant so much to both of us.  It is where my fait took root and started to grow.  Well, three wonderful children later we find our selves in NC, not exactly within an hour or two driving distance from the Plateau.  Well the kids are now at a good age where a camp like Music & Performance Camp at the Plateau would be a good fit.

So, we finally did it.  Kim and I were volunteer counselors, me at Music & Performance camp with the boys and Kim at Eco Adventurers camp with Caitlin (she was a bit too young for Music & Performance).  Many things about the Plateau are the same but many things are different also.  Arriving at the Plateau was like it had been… the anticipation… theDSC_3988 long wooded drive off the main road… the cooler fresh air and the wind in the pine trees… the sight of the old familiar buildings and of course the lake and cove.  There are a few new buildings, The new dinning hall (we helped raise money for it, but never seen it complete is now sitting where Quonset huts (also known as Pine) used to be… the More building now has heat and doors to each bunk room… The old dinning hall is now a recreation room and craft room.  A new highlight for the kids was wooden structure near where the camp store used to be (now adjacent to the dinning hall) that they call the Ga-ga pit.  This game is a cross between dodge ball and four square.  Maybe some pictures later will help explain.

The week was great.  The weather was wonderful.  The children's musical was Christmas in August.  Dian Ramage was the music director for the week.  Dian was the music director the last few years when I went to Music Camp in High School.  There were several other adult counselors there that were part of the camp in the late 80’s and were now bringing their kids back to the camp as Kim and I were.  It was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed the usual camp stuff like hikes, boating, swimming, fishing, Ga-ga pit and more while they continued to practice and rehears the musical three times a day.

I volunteered to be the camp photographer for the with the idea of doing a slide show for the kids and family at the end of the week.  I took more then 1,000 pictures during the week and narrowed it down to about 300+ pictures for the video.  You can see the slide show video, about 20min, here (you will need to install browser plug-in to make it work).  Below are just a few pictures of mainly just my family from that week.

DSC_3927  DSC_3937

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Scout Summer Camp


The week of July 4th Collin and I enjoyed Boy Scout Summer Camp at camp Cherokee.  This camp was a lot closer to home compared to Camp Daniel Boon last year, but… man was it HOT.  This was not up in the mountains like Daniel Boon, and we broke some high temps during our week.

All the boys had a great week.  As with most camps, there was plenty of walking back and forth, criss-crossing from one end of the camp to another, from one merit badge class to another.  Collin completed 5 merit badges this week – Swimming, Indian Lore, Fish & Wildlife Management, First Aid and Model Design and Building.

I enjoyed the week also, assisting the boys, learning a few things and taking plenty of pictures through out the week.  You can read more at our Troop 17 web site.









Collin’s Birthday

We had a splashing good time for Collin’s birthday.  Local family came over for a swim.  We all enjoyed some cake and Collin of course got a few gifts.  The weather was fantastic.  Caitlin enjoyed being launched into the air… sorry Austin you're getting a bit old and big for me to be throughing you up in the air like this anymore. Grandma and Grandpa of course forgot their suites again...






Enjoy more picture in this slide show from Flickr.

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Having a splashing fun time

Today, we celebrated Grandpa Mumaw’s Birthday, but by these pictures and the fun the grand kids were having, you would hardly know it was Grandpa's birthday party.  They had a blast till the water slide seams busted and ruined the fun, but they had a lot of fun right up to that point.  But no worries… there was cake and ice cream to be had.

Enjoy the pictures.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Collin’s Confirmation

Collin with a lot of other boys and girls were celebrated their confirmation into the church today.  The Church was packed and the service took what seemed like for ever, but actually went quite quickly considering children were being confirmed.