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Spring vacation to VA - Part 4

On the next day we went to Colonial Williamsburg.  This is day 4 and the kids have had just about enough colonial history, so we decided to do the self guided tour of the downtown area for about half a day.  This time of year the place was quite empty and not many Colonial people walking about either.  We got to see the church, Governors house (from quite a distance), horse and buggy rides, The armory and a few downtown shops and Inns.  Of course we had to stop by the court house and lock up the kids.  The Colonial Williamsburg web site has a lot of great information and even a kids area.  I would have been good to have the kids explore the kids area before visiting there on vacation.


We spent the afternoon back at the resort, swimming, playing tennis and shooting pool.  Later we met some long time friends Lisa and Scott (and their 3 wonderful children) for dinner at a local Italian joint.  Our kids are about the same ages so they hit it off real well. 


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Spring vacation to VA - Part 1

Over spring break we took the family to Virginia and visited Jamestown, the Virginia Living Museum, Yorktown, Colonial Williamsburg, the Virginia Air and Space Museum and long time friends Lisa and Scott Salisbury.   The kids did get a bit tired  and/or bored of all the  colonial history stuff, but I think we did a good job of  breaking that up with the other fun stuff and ending  with a visit to the Salisbury’s was a real treat for the kids.  Nearly 1,00 pictures later we made it back home.

Jamestown was first.  It is split up between learning about the Indian culture and what their life was like.  We explored their homes or huts, learned about what they hunted, what the farmed, how they made boats from trees and more.  At the Jamestown settlement, we explored a few buildings and boats, learned about how they made tools, armor and their weapons.  This was the first day and cool jacket weather.