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Snow Tubing in PA

On the weekend before Christmas, we planed to take a drive up to PA to visit family. And would you know it, on the day we were to leave we were supposed to get a snow storm here in NC that would move up the east coast towards PA. Fortunately it was to hit here in NC early enough that it concerned all the schools and they had early dismissal before even a flake had fallen.


With the early closings we were able to get out of NC before the storm hit and let it chase us all the way to PA.  There was a bit of a white-out that we hit in Virginia that limited visibility to about a quarter mile, but luckily that only lasted about 25 to 20 min.  Well we made it to PA just fine late Friday evening, and snow was to arrive over night….. well…. I woke early, 7-ish and looked out side… but not a flake of snow on the ground.   Well, clearly I was disappointed. 


It wasn’t till late Saturday afternoon that snow began to fall in Allentown.  Sunday we ended up with about 6 inches.  This was great, because my kids have never seen more then the measly 1 to 2 inches we typically get in the Triad.  We had a blast playing and snow tubing in the fluffy white stuff for several hours on Sunday and Monday.  Below are just a few of the many pictures we took on Sunday.  You can view the slide show or hand pick a few pictures to view from the thumbnail images below the slide show.







Hope you enjoyed the story and the pictures… I know we enjoyed the snow.