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Stone Mountain Park, GA

The Great Barn at Stone Mountain Park is a large 3 story barn featuring super slides, trampoline floors, climbing structures and foam balls everywhere.  At the center of the barn is some sort of pretend fruit harvesting machine.  The kids grab colorful sacks and fill them with colored balls.  Through out the barn on 3 levels, there are games or tasks for the kids to accomplish using these colored foam fruit balls.  At each station they use balls to earn points like in a game, or just use one of the many air blasting guns and shoot the foam balls around the barn.  Kids and adults (young at heart) can have fun for hours in here. image

Ride the Ducks at Stone Mountain Park is a great way to learn about the parks history while you enjoy a ride on a 1940’s era land and water vehicle around the park.  For some reason the boys were not too interested in this event, but Caitlin was, so Kim and Caitlin got to enjoy this ride.  Caitlin was even given time to steer the duck.  Ride the Ducks was also featured on the CBS show, Undercover Boss.

Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park is a collection of buildings from between 1783 and 1875 with extensive collection of period furniture and decorations reflecting that diverse lifestyle in the 18th and 19th century Georgia.  We didn’t make it here till the last hour or so on our last day when the park was closing. 

Due to the early time of the season, Spring Break, some things were not even open or operating in many parts of the park.

We did get a season and plan to go back… maybe we will go back in the winter and enjoy Snow Mountain.

You can view a map of Stone Mountain Park here.


Here are a few more pictures from our visit at Stone Mountain Park.  Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.