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Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park

While at Stone Mountain Park, we spent most of  our time at the Sky Hike area of the park.  Sky Hike is kind of like a high ropes course for the masses.  Instead of one person at a time with a safety harness connected to a long rope and a one or two assistants on the ground belaying the rope where you have to walk an obstacle between two trees, Sky Hike is steel structure with a quarter mile network of “C” channel (a patented overhead safety system) that you hook the rope from your safety harness to and simply move from one obstacle to another at 12, 24 or 40 feet in the air.

imageWhen we got a look at the Sky Hike, the boys were like… WOW…. lets go, Caitlin on the other hand was a bit apprehensive at first.  But by the time we finished the first level, she was ready to go to the second level and disappointed that the 3rd level was closed.  For each 3 days we were here, we stared at the Sky Hike for a few hours.  Also at the Sky Hike they have 2 to 3 rock climbing walls and a smaller, shorter and much closer to the ground rope climbing course for the littler kids (and adults).

Below is just a small collection of a ton of pictures I took the last day we were there.  Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.


The BIG Rock in Georgia

A majority of our time during spring break was spent at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA, just east of Atlanta.  Stone Mountain Park is all about the BIG Rock, or rather stone.  This is where the famous stone carving is of three Confederate heroes of the Civil War:  Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

We spent 3 days here at Stone Mountain Park.  On our second day to the park, we took the cable car ride ( Summit Skyride ) up 825 feet to the summit of the stone granite.  The weather was quite nice, but a bit hazy.  We enjoyed a walking around the summit and taking a few pictures.  Here are just a few of those pictures.

Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.




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Amber’s first bath

Amber enjoyed her first bath today and she handled it real well.  We washed her out side and she didn’t even shake and get every one wet.  She sure did look small with all that hair wet and matted down.  Once done, she dried quickly in the April sun.


DSC_2760  DSC_2761

DSC_2762  DSC_2763


Collin and the National Honor Society

This evening Collin was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.  Congratulations Collin (and mom and dad) for all your hard work.  Can’t say much more then that…  Besides Collin at the age of 11 had achieved something I never did.


DSC_2731   DSC_2729

DSC_2734  DSC_2736


And later this evening, I did what I always thought and said I would never do…. 
Stand out side in the rain so my pet can relieve it self….


DSC_2739 DSC_2740

A Day At The Atlanta Zoo

During our Spring Break vacation, we visited the Atlanta Zoo.  The zoo is not out in some rural area as is the North Carolina Zoological Park, but instead is just out side of downtown.  When we pulled up to the zoo, it reminded me of a public park and parking lots were small.  Once through the gates and reviewing the map of the zoo we confirmed what we suspected that this zoo is a much smaller zoo then ours in NC.  Not that it has less animals, but is condensed into a smaller area.  The NC zoo may take you most the day to go from one end to the other, but here you could go back and forth in a crisscross pattern through out the day if needed.


View Larger Map




Even though it has a smaller zoo area, it has a lot packed into it as the map above shows.  Some highlights for us included the Gorilla’s, Panda Bears, Elephants and the Kookaburra bird.  They are known for their Panda Bear exhibit, and they did have one, but it small, but it was still cool to see Panda bears.  The Gorilla’s on the other hand had a huge exhibit and there must have been close to 22 gorillas.  We got to watch the Gorillas get fed and ask questions of the zoo employee that was doing the feeding.  We also enjoyed a talk with the zoo personnel at the Kookaburra bird exhibit while they fed the bird crickets.


Unfortunately I think we were there a bit early in the season because there didn’t seem to be much zoo staff and some food stands were still closed.  Below is a small selection of pictures taken at the zoo.  You can watch the slide show or view selected pictures one at a time below the slide show.





A Day At The Georgia Aquarium

During our Spring Break vacation, we visited the Georgia Aquarium.  It is quite a nice aquarium for being squeezed into a small downtown Atlanta area.  See the map below.


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Here is a map of the aquarium, click on the image for a larger view.




Highlights included a huge tank with fish, sharks, rays, etc…, with LARGE viewing areas… like 30ft by 50ft viewing windows and a tunnel.  Touch tanks to feel sea urchins, sand sharks and sting rays… you can even get a chance to feed the sting rays.  The Beluga whales were fun to watch.   It was a fun day of viewing and learning.

Here are just a few of the many pictures I took that day in a slide show.





Amber – Almost settled in

This will be Amber’s 4th night.  Last night was better then the 2nd night of wining and yelping for 6 hours or so.  Last night she woke up twice, let her out side and then back in the crate.  She didn’t want to, but it only took about 30 minutes each of crying.

She is a bit more playful, though she still sleeps a lot.  Cousins Colten and Kala came over to see Amber today.  Here are a few photos of her playing.

 DSC_1752 DSC_1753 DSC_1755 DSC_1760 DSC_1761 DSC_1764 DSC_1768 DSC_1770 DSC_1773