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Early Bird Swim

Austin and Caitlin enjoyed an early bird swim today.  Weather was beautiful.  Watch Austin as he tries to jump and do a karate kick.  Then Caitlin warms up in the sun.


Amber’s first Ice Cube

Amber is 14 to 15 weeks old now, that is 3 to 4 months old.  Unfortunately we did not measure her when we got her, but it looks as though she has about doubled in size.

4/14/2010 - One day Collin decided to give her an ice cube… well did she have fun with that, slipping out of her mouth and popping out from under her paw.  Collin took some very jerky/choppy video of the event.  When I figure out how to share it on here, I will do so.


DSC_2746 DSC_2754 DSC_2757


4/22/2010 - Here Amber found a toy bucket and had a lot of fun playing with it.  She clearly did not make it easy for us to capture it on film… rather digital picture.  Here it is easier to see how much bigger she has gotten.


DSC_2766 DSC_2767 DSC_2770

Stone Mountain Park, GA

The Great Barn at Stone Mountain Park is a large 3 story barn featuring super slides, trampoline floors, climbing structures and foam balls everywhere.  At the center of the barn is some sort of pretend fruit harvesting machine.  The kids grab colorful sacks and fill them with colored balls.  Through out the barn on 3 levels, there are games or tasks for the kids to accomplish using these colored foam fruit balls.  At each station they use balls to earn points like in a game, or just use one of the many air blasting guns and shoot the foam balls around the barn.  Kids and adults (young at heart) can have fun for hours in here. image

Ride the Ducks at Stone Mountain Park is a great way to learn about the parks history while you enjoy a ride on a 1940’s era land and water vehicle around the park.  For some reason the boys were not too interested in this event, but Caitlin was, so Kim and Caitlin got to enjoy this ride.  Caitlin was even given time to steer the duck.  Ride the Ducks was also featured on the CBS show, Undercover Boss.

Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park is a collection of buildings from between 1783 and 1875 with extensive collection of period furniture and decorations reflecting that diverse lifestyle in the 18th and 19th century Georgia.  We didn’t make it here till the last hour or so on our last day when the park was closing. 

Due to the early time of the season, Spring Break, some things were not even open or operating in many parts of the park.

We did get a season and plan to go back… maybe we will go back in the winter and enjoy Snow Mountain.

You can view a map of Stone Mountain Park here.


Here are a few more pictures from our visit at Stone Mountain Park.  Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.



Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park

While at Stone Mountain Park, we spent most of  our time at the Sky Hike area of the park.  Sky Hike is kind of like a high ropes course for the masses.  Instead of one person at a time with a safety harness connected to a long rope and a one or two assistants on the ground belaying the rope where you have to walk an obstacle between two trees, Sky Hike is steel structure with a quarter mile network of “C” channel (a patented overhead safety system) that you hook the rope from your safety harness to and simply move from one obstacle to another at 12, 24 or 40 feet in the air.

imageWhen we got a look at the Sky Hike, the boys were like… WOW…. lets go, Caitlin on the other hand was a bit apprehensive at first.  But by the time we finished the first level, she was ready to go to the second level and disappointed that the 3rd level was closed.  For each 3 days we were here, we stared at the Sky Hike for a few hours.  Also at the Sky Hike they have 2 to 3 rock climbing walls and a smaller, shorter and much closer to the ground rope climbing course for the littler kids (and adults).

Below is just a small collection of a ton of pictures I took the last day we were there.  Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.


The BIG Rock in Georgia

A majority of our time during spring break was spent at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA, just east of Atlanta.  Stone Mountain Park is all about the BIG Rock, or rather stone.  This is where the famous stone carving is of three Confederate heroes of the Civil War:  Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

We spent 3 days here at Stone Mountain Park.  On our second day to the park, we took the cable car ride ( Summit Skyride ) up 825 feet to the summit of the stone granite.  The weather was quite nice, but a bit hazy.  We enjoyed a walking around the summit and taking a few pictures.  Here are just a few of those pictures.

Feel free to click on each thumbnail image for a larger view.




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Amber’s first bath

Amber enjoyed her first bath today and she handled it real well.  We washed her out side and she didn’t even shake and get every one wet.  She sure did look small with all that hair wet and matted down.  Once done, she dried quickly in the April sun.


DSC_2760  DSC_2761

DSC_2762  DSC_2763