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Cross Over Camp Out

Arrow of Light Letter-T his past weekend the family (all 5 of us) all went camping (in one BIG tent) to the Woodfield Scout Preserver for the Cross Over ceremony.  The Cross Over or the Arrow of Light ceremony is for those Webelos scouts (cub scouts) that have achieved the Arrow of Light and are crossing over into Boy Scouts.  Collin was one of those Webelos.  In the past few years he achieved Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1 and Webelos2.


The weather for the camp out was quite nice, mid 60’s during the day, but quite code as low as 29 degrees over night…  Can you say burrrrrr.  The boys were real good with paying attention and helping out setting up camp and taking it all down and pack.  We took a few hikes and enjoyed some free time.  The main purpose for the camp out was the Cross Over ceremony.  The ceremony was after dark was done quite well.  About 40 boys crossed over to Boy Scouts that evening including boys from other packs.


Collin is looking forward to bigger and better things in Boy Scouts.


Below are just 24 pictures (of the 140+ pictures taken over the weekend) in a slide show.




The Arrow of Light story read at the ceremony:


In the ages past, when the Nations of the red man spread across the land, there was a young member of one tribe called Akela. Akela wished to be a warrior as the older men of his tribe were, but no one would consider him so. "Little Akela, he is too young to join the hunt," they would say. "Too slow to run with the Bobcat clan. Not clever enough to hunt with the Wolf clan. Such a young one is not strong enough to join the Bear clan." No matter how hard Akela worked, all ways were barred to him. But the Aged Chieftain of the tribe saw Akela differently than the rest. "The spirit of this young one burns brighter than the largest fire. Akela has served his brethren well for one of his age. The time will come when the tribe will need only that which Akela can give."


One night in the fall during the harvest, a party of warriors was canoeing back to their village after a hunt. On this night, the fog rolled thick across the river. The fog was so heavy, the river path back to the village was hidden from view. A nearby river path to the right led to a roaring chasm. The warriors did not know the safe path to take and were trapped. Akela had been practicing his hunting skills in the hills above the river and had seen the danger to the canoe. He wrapped an arrow in a skin, set it aflame, and shot it into the sky toward the safe river path. The warriors in the canoe saw the flaming arrow through the fog and followed it toward the safe river path and the village.


The warriors went to the Chieftain saying, "We were trapped on the river and the Highfather sent an Arrow of Light through the sky to guide us." The Chieftain smiled and said, "The sign which led you to safety came not from the heavens but from one who you thought was too young to do anything." He brought Akela forward to the surprise of the warriors. "Akela has proved himself worthy to wear the name of warrior. He has aided his brothers in their time of greatest need. Hereafter, all young members of our tribe shall become warriors only after meeting the challenges of the Arrow of Light. Let them each be filled with the spirit of Akela and follow his example of unselfish service to our brethren." And it was made so and carried through to the present day as you Webelos stand before us now, ready to receive the Arrow of Light.



Snow comes to Triad area of NC.


Letter-W ell it was 5 years over due, but snow finally arrived in NC on March 1st, 2009.  And as with any snow prediction, weather a dusting or several inches, the stores were mobbed with panicked shoppers trying to stock up on milk and bread.  Depending on where you are in the Triad, you got 2 to 5 inches of the fluffy white stuff known as snow.  How beautiful it was to look out the window that morning and see that beautiful blanket of white.


Oh, and as usual in NC, Schools were closed for not one day, but 2 days and on the 3rd, there was a 2 hour delay.  As a former Yankee, this is still frustrating and hard to handle.


Below you can view the pictures one by one or watch the slide show.





Austin’s 8th birthday

Austin8 Letter-Austin turned 8 with excitement as usual.  He got some great build-em toys, Wii games and more.  Some highlight items include:


K'NEX building set
Lego – StarWars
Lego StarWars
Finished building already
Lego – StarWars
Lego StarWars
Wii – Arctic Tale
Wii Arctic Tale game
Wii – Crash of the Titans
Wii Crash of the Titans game
Wii - Crash of the Titans
Wii Crash of the Titans game
Erector Set
Erector building set


Gota love his expressions and faces… look forward to him being older and in plays and musicals.